"How To Identify Winning Stock Ideas"
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Stock Market has been a source of wealth creation for many individuals globally. If you want to earn superlative returns from your investments, then you will have to invest in the stock markets, sooner or later. Last 5 years has seen many names coming up in India as well. This is attributable to two things: clarity in objective of market participation and adapting to cutting edge analytics which would make a person an outlier.

This workshop will define 10 commandments of stock trading/investing for participants and also help them practice the same with real data and see the impact with live case studies.

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Who Should Attend:
Anyone who has even a bit of exposure in equity market either directly or through indirect routes like mutual funds etc.
Benefits of Attending:

"It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price." - Warren Buffet

1. Ingredients of a successful trader/investor: Get introduced to the concepts followed by Successful trader/investor.

2. Fundamental and Technical Analysis: Out of more than 100 Fundamental and Technical Analysis tools, which to use.

3. Tools relevant in today's market: It is important to use right tool in the right manner, so you will learn how to use these tools to the advantage.

4. Identify a winning stock: At the end of the workshop you will be able to independently identify winning stocks.

So what are you waiting for come and attend the 1 day workshop on “How to Identify Winning Stock Ideas“.
Registration Fees:
3,500/- plus 18% GST.
9:30 hrs - 10:00 hrs:
10:00 hrs - 11:45 hrs:
10 Principles of Identifying Winning Stocks
11:45 hrs - 12:00 hrs:
Tea & Coffee Break
12:00 hrs - 13:30 hrs:
Quest for Finding the Principles
13:30 hrs - 14:30 hrs:
14:30 hrs - 15:45 hrs:
Case Studies on Stocks
15:45 hrs - 16:00 hrs:
Tea & Coffee Break
16:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs:
Open Session

As the saying goes “Good things don’t last forever” Limited seats Register soon..
Contact/ Support:
Surbhi: +91 7003595456

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